Guess who's back...

Depois de muitos pedidos, e porque a técnica ainda o permite, o "Gosto de ti" surge agora numa nova cor. Um azul intenso, de seu nome "Ultramarino" que pode ser a prenda perfeita para o Dia dos Namorados, o mimo ideal no quarto do mais pequeno membro da família ou até a imagem-escape que nos transporta do escritório directamente para os braços de quem mais gostamos. E pode agora ser adquirido também online, na loja que vai abrindo, timidamente, as portas aqui ao lado. É só CLICAR AQUI.

This illustration was previously released on November, last year. It is very simple in its shape but with a very powerfull meaning. The title is "Gosto de ti" (which means "I like you") and it says "Sometimes I like you and sometimes I like you". This was said to me by my daughter when she was 3 y.o. and it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I decided I had to spread that love to other people as it feels so genuine and pure... coming from the heart. So the illustration was made, previously in the colour red, and it was sold out in less than a month. As many people been asking me about another version, I decided to make it in a new colour. This is printed manually using a block printing technique and acrylic ultramarine blue colour.
Also with this post, I am ahppy to announce that the online store is now open for business and will soon present new items. Feel free to stop by. Click here or on the red ballon on the side bar.

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